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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  December 4, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> and dealing with the damage. the timetable for filling a giant gaping hole in the east bay as another storm gets ready to roll in. the clouds are back and rain hey not be far behind. we'll talk about that coming up. >> caltrain is busy this morning. we have closures to report. details in minute. >> good morning. it's tuesday, december 4. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 now on your tuesday. a new word just in the past few minutes that all muni trains are back on track. the system had two issues a the powerrage and accident with serious injuries and a power outage. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in san francisco where power in the subway is back on. that's good news for commuters. >> reporter: i'm sure. we actually were talking to a commuter and no kidding as i was trying to explain the situation, that j line pulled up and then the driver said nope, we're headed in town or downtown. so yes, it is a sigh of relief
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for morning commuters. everything should be free- flowing on the muni trains. but this all started after again that storm damage that you mentioned earlier. a power outage was caused. the electrical problem happened as commuters were headed home last night. this morning crews said it was a blown transformer on van ness that started this whole muni madness. >> apparently, it was damaged with water damage from yesterday [ indiscernible ] was down in the subway and we waited and waited and they never tell you how long it's going to be. >> reporter: we want to make note, this was ahead of schedule. originally the n and j lines were supposed to be rerouted this morning but, of course, crews were able to fix it ahead of time. again a very thankful thing for morning commuters. but at church and market muni dealt with another major problem last night. a woman in a wheelchair was hit by f market line. she was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. we don't know her condition
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this morning and police are still investigating that incident. again back here live at church and duboce, everything is moving smoothly. all those muni lines just back on track ahead of schedule. so morning commuters no need to worry. everything should be back to normal. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. today's the day the muni board of directors decides whether to give free rides to low income youth. the proposal is to use some money from the regional transit authority for a five-month pilot program next year. san francisco supervisors are already behind the proposal. so how are all the muni problems affecting service? gianna, probably not all that bad since it's running. >> that's right. since power has been restored to muni metro everything is back on track so we are not hearing of delays or problems. things should be free-flowing and good news because typically the morning commute is in full
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swing within the next half hour. bart, ace, muni, caltrain and your ferries all on time so no troubles on mass transit this morning. bay bridge today on the lower deck we have roadwork expected at 7:45 this morning. that will extend to about 1 p.m. this afternoon. one lane will be closed on the lower deck of the bay bridge so expect delays later on. right now no delays on the bridge. traffic very quiet. also as you work your way along 101 here's live ak at conditions if you are headed towards sfo out of san francisco, traffic clear through the peninsula. no delays along 280 looking good there, as well. and good news as well ahead of schedule. antioch westbound 4 all lanes just reopened. eastbound, rather. we had a full freeway closure near loveridge for construction and everything is wrapped up through antioch. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. let's get a check on the weather. more rain, huh? >> more rain coming. the good news is, it doesn't look like a huge deluge like this last time around. we'll see rain out there maybe even a couple of light sprinkles throughout the day at least north of the golden gate
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bridge. a lot of cloud outside this morning. temperatures fairly mild because of that cloud cover. mainly in the 40s outside right now. 50 degrees in concord. it's 55 in san francisco and 51 in san jose. you can see all those clouds from in a next storm system off the coast -- from that next storm system off the coast. maybe some light sprinkles this morning, mainly north of the golden gate bridge. and then i think overnight tonight, in toward tomorrow morning, we'll see the cold front dive in and that will likely cause more rainfall all around the bay area. temperatures this afternoon only into the 60s outside. 63 in san jose. 62 san francisco. 61 santa rosa. maybe one to two inches of rains but right now looks like no flooding expected from the next storm. back to you. >> but it is acomin'. thank you. 5:05. work is ongoing to fix the gaping hole in a road in lafayette. a portion of mountain view drive caved in during the storm over the weekend and now residents going to deal with a
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lot of construction activity probably for months to come. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in lafayette to show us the status of some of the repair work. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. behind me is some of that heavy equipment being used to repair the road and as you can imagine there is a lot of work to be done. east bay m.u.d., pg&e, sanitation crews and city official have all been out here to the scene of this giant sinkhole. so far they have been clearing debris while making sure residents can still get gas and water service. those lines were damaged. they have had to temporarily run some of the lines above ground. this sinkhole is 80 feet long, 40 feet wide and 15 feet deep. it opened up on sunday following some heavy rains and the lafayette creek which runs under part of the road flooded eroded the ground and caused it to fall. the next storm, however, right around the corner. it will roll in later on today. so the city and engineers have come up with a plan to put in a temporary culvert a permanent fix taking months. >> bottom line is there's going to be a hole in the ground here
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for a long time. and mountain view drive is going to be closed. >> there are detours in place and nobody will be stuck. there's always a way to get around. later on this morning, engineers and city officials will be back out at the scene trying to prepare for the rain later on today. the city manager told me yesterday, he estimates that the cost to come up with a permanent fix will be in the six figures. so it is going to take a while and going to be very expensive. so for now, people who live in the area have to deal with a lot of people coming out here and, of course, a lot of noise. in lafayette, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you. storm washed out yet another road this one up in the santa cruz mountains. vine hill road off highway 17 in scotts valley will be closed indefinitely. a whole section of hillside just disappeared in the storm taking the road below it away. crews don't know how long it will take to fix that one, as well. and today a school in marin county that was damaged by the storm set to reopen. white hill middle school in
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fairfax serves about 600 students. it was closed yesterday because of a lot of water and mud damage to four classrooms, an administrative office and staff room. a professional clean-up has been completed. and, of course, you can track the rain anytime with our live high-def doppler radar at get more details today about the arrest of a man accused of attacking an autistic girl from a group home in oakland. the 16-year-old victim walked away from the fred finch youth center last tuesday. federal law prevents staff members from stopping her. however they did follow her until she got in the area of the fruitvale bart station. that's where she disappeared she wasn't seen again for two days when a drive found her aboard a bun in san francisco. >> the bus driver had noticed that she had been beaten and was concerned about her. he could see that she was bruised and distraught and so
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he called 911. >> the suspect was arrested and could be charged today. a search is on for a man who police say robbed a walgreens in palo alto. a surveillance camera captured images of the suspect here. police say he asked fortunate oxycontin and showed a pharmacist that he had a gun inside his back. the suspect is a white man in his 20s 6 feet tall short hair a white hat with a seattle seahawks logo on it. the former head of contra costa county's narcotics unit will plead guilty this week to charges that he took confiscated drugs and ordered to resell them. norman welsh indicted last year with four other cops and a private investigator. the "chronicle" reports wielsch will plead guilty in exchange for a prison sentence of no more than 10 areas. plans to reduce firefighting service will be a
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focus of a meeting at a contra costa county fire protection district. the among the actions the closure of several fire stations. the district has to cut back after measure q failed to get a two-thirds majority in last month's election. the measure called for a parcel tax to help fund fire services. president obama is closely monitoring a week-long strike at two southern california ports. 800 members of the clerical union who work at the ports of los angeles and long beach had been working without a contract for more than two years. the clerks don't handle cargo but dock workers are refusing to cross picket lines forcing a shutdown of most terminals. experts estimate the strike is costing the u.s. up to $1 billion a day. and it could delay shipments of holiday gift merchandise. there's a tentative contract agreement between port of oakland and union workers. two weeks ago, more than 500 members of seiu local 1021 went on strike. they had been at the bargaining table for 16 months. details of the agreement will
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be released when the contract is voted on tomorrow. president obama will host a group of governors today to talk about the "fiscal cliff" after he rejected a counterproposal from congressional republicans. that plan promised to trim $2.2 trillion over the next 10 years and cuts from entitlements and billions in new tax revenues only from tax reform. and not in raising rates on the wealthy. and that's the sticking point. >> rates have to rise and the republicans need to acknowledge that, that that's the only way to get from here to there. >> in a statement, the white house says the plan fails the balance test. if the two side can't reach a deal by 12/31, hikes and cuts will kick in. frustrated with facebook privacy settings? how you can make your voice
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heard this week. >> have you gotten your flu shot? why this season may be the worst in nearly a decade. >> a royal baby on the way. why the kind of morning sickness kate has is fueling speculation about twins. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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damascus today... between sn rebels and forces loyal to president bashar assad. in your world, fighting has escalated near damascus today between syrian rebels and forces loyal to president bashar assad after president obama issued a warning to them not to use chemical weapons. secretary of state hillary clinton says if assad goes down that road, there will be consequences. >> suffice it to say we are certainly planning to take action if that eventuality were to occur. >> this week nato foreign ministers are expected to approve turkey's request for patriot antimissile systems. turkey has been supportive of assad opponents and is concerned about possible retaliation by syrian missiles. iran says it captured an american drove but a navy spokesman says none are missing. the commander says all the
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unmanned surveillance aircraft in the region are accounted for. other nations in the gulf including the united arab emirates have drones in service. 5:15. muni issues are fixed. >> reporter: power was restored about 15 minutes ago before the morning commute heated up this morning so things are back on track. no delays for any muni lines right now so you be good to go for mass transit altogether. in fact, bart, ace, caltrain and ferries on time as well as muni. now, elsewhere we have a couple of things to look out for later on today. we have some roadwork scheduled for the lower deck of the bay bridge. that gets under way around 7:45 this morning. it will extend until 1:00 this afternoon. one lane will be shut down on the lower deck. there might be delays. bay bridge right now no troubles to report. westbound 4 good through antioch. we had early-morning construction that wrapped up about an hour earlier, as well. we are still seeing some slight delays there but lanes have
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reopened. at one point it was a full freeway closure on the eastbound side. looks like westbound 580 also starting to see a backup as you work your way out of the altamont pass. pretty typical this time of the morning. let's head to the south bay right now for live look at conditions along 101 near trimble. looks like traffic not doing too bad. in fact the south bay checking in problem-free along 101, 280, guadalupe parkway no delays through the santa cruz mountains along 17. now, if you plan to take highway 1 today, there are delays expected on devil's slide. one-way traffic control will be in effect along devil's slide today starting about 9:00 this morning. caltrans will be working to stabilize parts of highway 1 to prevent erosion before the next storm arrives. now, this will happen between linda mar and pacifica to the north portal bridge. it should extend until 3:00 this afternoon and one-way traffic control so expect delays around there today. lawrence? >> we are showing video of the new tunnel they are trying to get done there and that should
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solve problems at devil's slide. hi-def doppler picking up on moisture as we get ready for another storm this one not as strong but you can see a couple of light showers off the coastline there. we could see some of that slide into the north bay as we head throughout the day today but think the rain doesn't get going until tonight. so with that in mind, mostly cloudy skies, temperatures fairly mild into the 50s outside. 51 in san jose. 55 san francisco. rain tonight spreading south overnight and then a few showers continuing right into tomorrow. so looks like we have a little soaker coming our way again. we might see light sprinkles in north of the golden gate bridge. but then the rain returns overnight tonight as that cold front swings a little further to the south. that will be enough to wring out showers tonight. throughout the day sprinkles
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north of the golden gate bridge and then midnight the cold front right here and it starts to sag south into tomorrow morning. so the commute tomorrow could be wet early on. and then those showers sweep out of town throughout the day. and then it dries things out as we look towards thursday and friday. one to two inches of rainfall in the wettest spots. doesn't look like we have to worry about flooding. today 62 milpitas and pacifica. 63 livermore. 62 walnut creek. 61 fairfield. 61 oakland. 62 san francisco. light showers north of the golden gate bridge. otherwise not too bad. more rain on the way overnight tonight into tomorrow. and then a return to dry weather come thursday, friday and looks like right into the weekend, guys. that's a look at weather. back to you. >> weekend, the optimal word right there and good weather. flu season is here and it could be a bad one. the cdc says this is the earliest start in nearly 10 years. cases of the flu have been
5:19 am
reported in all but two states so far. higher-than-normal reports of flu-like this usually don't happen until after the holidays. >> this could be a bad in his season. not because it's earlier than usual. but the string that's causing most of the cases is especially nasty. >> best way to protect yourself, you have heard it before, get your flu shot. >> a desperate search for a sick child this morning. security cameras at a phoenix hospital show the 11-year-old girl leaving with her mother last week. she had been undergoing treatment for leukemia. >> police awatching the mexican border but say the family has relatives in california, as well. well, facebook is giving users a new way to make their voices heard on proposed changes to company policies. they can actually vote on them. >> you can. the social networking site proposed revisions to its data use policy last month.
5:20 am
and that provoked an angry response from privacy advocates who sent an open letter to the ceo mark zuckerberg so now facebook is offering a customized voting app that anyone can use. the deadline to vote by the way is next monday. it is 5:20 right now. coming up, why kate middleton's morning sickness can be a sign she is pregnant with twins. >> how about that. plus, working their magic. the warriors trying to make it 4 straight in orlando. did it work? i'll tell ya. eeveless presents the latest thing to wear with beautiful tops. beautiful underarms. wear with toga tops, yoga tops, and va-va-voom tops. dove go sleeveless makes underarms soft and smooth in just five days. effective protection. beautiful result. and there's juicy chicken best foods is the secret to making parmesan crusted chicken so juicy so delicious it's your secret to making dinner disappear
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at your local mercedes-benz dealer. so far, so good. no delays on the bay area bridges. slight delays on the altamont pass headed westbound 580 into pleasanton. a complete look at traffic in a few minutes. >> thank you. the pregnant duchess of cambridge is in the hospital for a second day due to morning sickness. the official word of the royal pregnancy came earlier than expected from buckingham palace. the duchess is still in the first trimester but she was rushed to the hospital with extreme morning sickness. >> can really severely severely dehydrate you and a lot of weight loss can be associated with that. so the best thing to do with
5:24 am
hyperemesis gravidarum is to get fluid back into your body. >> the type of morning sickness that kate has is very rare but can be more common in women carrying twins or triplets. so the baby or babies, we don't know yet, will be in line to become king or queen of england and british law has been changed so that the baby will be the first in line for the throne behind william regardless of gender. >> but the first baby out will be the next in line. >> if there's more than one. the first one gets the throne. the golden state warriors were at home against the orlando magic trying to win the fourth in a row. the warriors led in the 3rd quarter after a block by barnes, thompson jumper but the magic ran away in the 4th quarter to beat the warriors 102-9 4. golden state starts a 7-game road trip tomorrow. giants leadoff hitter angel pagan will return to the top of
5:25 am
the giants order. the giants re-signed him to a four-year $40 million contract. you're happy about that. i am. >> i bet. >> pagan hits .288 with 15 triples during the regular season and pagan's wife wendy posted this picture, salute to the best fans in the world. he has 40 million reasons why to be happy. the nba slide the play of the day. charlotte bobcats byron mullins follows up his mess with a mighty impressive jam. how about that. get out of my way. but they lost in evertime but that's a sweet dunk. >> he flew from the foul line. >> 5:26. the southern california port strike drags on. the huge toll it's taking on the economy. >> and a big sinkhole in the ground and a new storm on the way. we are learning how long an east bay neighborhood could have to live with this mess. >> and we're live in san francisco where all muni trains are back up and running after a
5:26 am
power outage caused all of them to shut down last night. i spoke with the muni spokesman on the phone who says how they were able to get back up and running so quickly. ,,,,,,,,
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but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪ caused a muni mess " "23:01:21 liz cook live 1: computers were down in the subway. >> we waited and they never tell you how long it's going to be. >> stranded for hours the muni mess still impacting the commuters this morning but service has been restored. >> between 40 and 50,000 commuters were affected by the massive muni meltdown. >> it's going to be tricky for commuters this morning. >> oakland police crackdown on holiday crime. >> the latest robbery happened just minutes before we got to this location. a woman was walking out of the
5:30 am
trader joe's in rockridge when two men accosted her. >> this is our life, everything you worry about. >> crews are working around the clock to try to stabilize this 80-foot sinkhole. >> bottom line is there's going to be a hole in the ground here for a long time. >> the white house rejects a republican counter plan to avoid that "fiscal cliff." >> republicans need to acknowledge it that that's the only way to get from here to there. >> from across the bay to around the world -- >> obviously, we want a family so we have to start thinking about that. >> -- the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." ♪ [ music ] good morning. it's tuesday, december 4. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:31 on this tuesday. muni service back to normal on market street this morning. power was just restored to the
5:31 am
subway. last night service was shut down for hours. cate caugiran joins us now. >> reporter: they had their hands full yesterday michelle and frank. but i just spoke with a muni spokesman on the phone who told me in terms of the morning commute, they are happy to say that again all trains are back up and running an service has been fully restored. now this is because crews were working well into the night to restore power to all of those underground transit stations. now, all trains were stopped just before 6:00 last night. muni says the melt you know was thanks to a blown transformer. >> apparently, it was damaged with water damage from yesterday. >> confusion in the subway. we waited and waited and they never tell you how long it's going to be. >> reporter: muni put modified service for lines n and j because originally they were supposed to be reviewed as workers tried to find the short in the electrical system but muni spokesman said they restored the power about 1:30
5:32 am
a.m. and a few hours later they were able to pinpoint the problem just in time for the morning commute. right now we're still unchair about a wheelchair-bound woman's condition this morning. she suffered life-threatening injuries after being hit by a train at church and market. police are investigating how this happened. in terms of the morning commute madness originally muni said they thought it was because of storm damage but now says it's too early to say but now they have everything back and running they will be investigating to see what caused this entire problem. we're live in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. this afternoon a final vote is expected by a muni board of directors on a pilot program to provide free rides for low income youth next year. san francisco supervisors voiced their support last month. also today, muni directors will
5:33 am
talk about enforcing parking meters on sunday. and free rides on december 28th to celebrate the system's 100th anniversary. we'll see what comes out of that. >> free is good. how about some weather? i guess we can't call this round 4 but we are getting more rain. >> and they are free raindrops, too. most folks probably not excited about that. we might see more rain around the bay area. high-def doppler radar showing you we have a couple of raindrops off the coast maybe light sprinkles. as we head throughout the day at least north of the golden gate bridge, otherwise mostly cloudy skies outside. temperatures staying fairly mild because of the cloud cover. mainly in the 50s at this hour and by the afternoon, it's going to stay fairly mild. but a lot of clouds will continue to stream across our skies as the next storm system gets ready to move onshore. far northern california getting rainfall there again maybe some light sprinkles north of the golden gate bridge. and then overnight tonight into tomorrow morning the cold front will drop in. rain for everybody by tomorrow morning. temperatures running into the 60s outside all around the bay
5:34 am
area. could see maybe one to two inches of rain in the wettest spots. will we dry out after that? we'll have more coming up. back to you. >> thank you. 5:34 now. big sinkhole in a street in lafayette will force detours for some time to come. a section of mountain view drive collapsed in the storm siege last weekend and now residents are living in the middle of a construction zone and in the middle of that cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in lafayette to show us the repair work. >> reporter: good morning. this sinkhole has turned this quiet neighborhood on mountain view drive upside-down. behind me you can see heavy machinery parked on the street in front of homes. part of the road is closed and that giant sinkhole is attracting much more attention than some residents would like. now, one of them said it's been very noisy with all this work going on. the noise is going to continue for quite some time. a contractor told me that the
5:35 am
hole won't be fixed for months. it's 80 feet long, 40 feet wide and 15 feet deep. the sinkhole opened following a storm on sunday. debris blocked a drainage culvert in the lafayette creek causing it to flood and erode a section of mountain view. it was barricaded so no people or property were swallowed into the hole. utility lines were damaged. east bay m.u.d. crews worked into the night to repair a water line while the city prepared for more rain expected to hit later on today. >> once we get the water line stable then we can begin to think about a temporary culvert to get water across the roadway for the next storm. >> reporter: a permanent fix won't be cheap. the city manager is estimating somewhere in the six figures. also a permanent culvert system is not expected to be complete until late spring or early summer. so people who live in the neighborhood can get used to
5:36 am
scenes like this because it's going to take a while before the road is repaired. in lafayette, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you. to the south in the santa cruz mountains now, vine hill road up highway 17 in scotts valley that too will be closed indefinitely. a whole section of hillside disappeared in the storm taking the road with it. crews don't know how long that will take to fix. in marin county a fairfax school was damaged by the storm and will reopen today. that's white hill middle school that serves about 600 students. it was closed yesterday because of the water and mud damage to four classrooms, an administrative office and a staff room. a professional cleaning service has taken care of that. you can track the rain anytime you would like with our live high-def doppler radar. that's on our website, 5:37. let's get a check on the roads. >> gianna, i guess muni had some issues but everything is okay now, right? >> everything is back on time for mass transit owe that's good news. in fact roads looking good this morning.
5:37 am
here's a live look at conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are seeing some extra volume but again very quiet no delays as you work your way towards the toll plaza. you're looking good all the way into san francisco. on the lower deck of the bay bridge as we jump to the maps we are not seeing any delays right now but later on starting about 7:45, we do have reports of construction. that's expected to close at least one lane. that should extend to 1:00. a few cars heading into san francisco out of marin county by golden gate bridge no delays. traffic clear in and out of san francisco. we have brake lights through the altamont pass no surprise here westbound 580 slow from the altamont pass through livermore. gets a little better towards 680. we'll take a look at mass transit in a few minutes. back to you. oakland police will give us new details about the man arrested for attacking an autistic girl. the 16-year-old victim walked away from a group home for the
5:38 am
developmentally disabled a week ago. staff members saw her go but federal law says they could not stop her. they followed her but they lost her near the fruitvale bart station. two days later the girl was found aboard a bus in san francisco. >> the bus driver had noticed that she had been beaten and was concerned about her. you could see she was bruised and distraught and he called 911. >> the suspect arrested yesterday is 36 years old. alameda county prosecutors could file charges against himmed today. a judge has denied an oakland landlord's request it evict the nation's biggest pot club. harborside medical marijuana dispensary eviction is based on the grounds that it violates federal law. but the alameda county superior court judge says the landlord can't use that reason because that court's jurisdiction only covers state law. this morning, civil rights advocates plan to release evidence they say shows plans
5:39 am
for a a surveillance video drone in alameda. the sheriff's office plans to use a drone for surveillance and intelligence gathering that contradicts earlier claims it would only be used for search- and-rescue operations. yesterday, state senator alex padilla put forward a bill to regulate usage. plans to reduce firefighting service will be the focus today at a special meeting in the contra costa county fire protection district. among the action being considered, the closure of several fire stations. the district has to cut back after measure q failed to get a two-thirds majority vote in last month's election. the measure calls for a parcel tax to help fund fire service. 12,$772. that's how much santa clara -- $12,772 that's how much santa clara supervisor george shirakawa is being told to return to the county. he put that much on his credit card since he became a supervisors in 2009. he says he will reimburse the county for some of the money
5:40 am
but is challenging some of those charges. president obama is closely monitoring a week-long strike at two southern california ports. 800 members of a clerical union who work at the ports of l.a. and long beach had been working without a contract now for more than two years. the clerks don't handle cargo but dock workers are refusing now to cross the picket lines forcing a shutdown of most of the terminals. los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa came back from a business trip early to attend talks in l.a. >> as days go by we are losing billions. that's a big blow to an economy just getting out of a crisis. >> that strike is not only costly to the economy, it could also delay shipments of merchandise to be sold over the holiday season. in your world, anti- government activists in syria
5:41 am
say fighting is intenser in damascus today between them and troops loyal to president assad. this comes after president obama issued a warning to assad not to use chemical weapons. secretary of state hillary clinton says if assad goes down that road, there will be consequences. so how far would you go for your child's education? the chaos as parents try to sign their kids up to a school. >> who knew what could you find at good will. the treasure one woman stumbled upon for $12. we have it coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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they raced to sign their chd up for a spot at a-j whitteg oh, my god, seriously. >> yeah, seriously. parents stampeding to sign up their children for a spot at an elementary school in south carolina which is apparently popular. the district's only school with an engineering curriculum. the chaos sent one mother to the hospital after she fell. enrollment was on a first come first served basis. some parents even camped over the weekend to get their kids a spot and those that didn't camp did that. >> maybe more schools should offer the program. >> or they have to find a better way to get it out there. my gosh. >> no kidding. with the holiday season in
5:45 am
full swing many relatives might be wondering how it give the gift of education. >> there are a lot of options. and jill schlesinger, editor at large for is here to help us out. your favorite way to save is the 529 plan. tell us what these are and how do they work. >> reporter: 529s are tax advantage savings plans that are operated by states. they are basically two types of plans in the country. one is a prepaid tuition plan that locks in future tuition rates at in-state public colleges at current prices. the more popular type is a straight-up college savings plan which allows you to save and invest for qualified higher education expenses bonuses it's free from federal and state taxation. now, some states offer plans that have benefits for residents. california does not. i hear you guys have a little bit of a budget problem. okay. most plans do not require -- sorry, dude -- most plans do not require that you be a resident of the state nor do they require that the student
5:46 am
attend school in that state. so i love 529 plans. >> are there any other option or is that all she wrote? >> well, i think there's a couple of other things to look at. one is a coverdell education account, used to be known esas or iras. they can be opened at any financial institution which means you have broader choice of different investments. same deal on getting tax-free growth. the other advantage though, these plans can be used for private and secondary education expenses. 529 is college only. the coverdell is all that early education plus college. big downside of the plans is that the contribution are limited to just $2,000 in any year no matter how many accounts have been opened. so that's kind of a small amount when you look at big hundreds of thousands of dollars of college costs in the future. finally a word about savings
5:47 am
bonds. i know they are very low interest rates. but they are really safe and a lot of parents and grandparents really want some part of their education saving to be safe stuff. you have a little bit of a taxpayer advantage here in that some taxpayers can exclude part of the interest earned from these bonds. it's tested based on your income. also want to point out that we know student loan debt is ballooning. we are up to a trillion dollars so obviously saving is the key. but a lot of people come out and need loans. here's the thing. on we want parents to pay attention here. these parent college loans can be hazardous to your financial health. go to we'll tell you what the idea is behind this which is these things follow you forever. they can never get released so be really careful. >> jill schlesinger, editor at large for, thank you. great advice. >> she always gives good advice. >> she does. all right. give us some advice. more rain on the way?
5:48 am
>> i would get those raincoats handy, yeah, the umbrella. here we go again. a lot of clouds outside not much rain yet but that may change. we have some hi-def doppler showing light sprinkles off the coastline right now. we may see some sprinkles north of the golden gate bridge today but i think that will be the worst of it. a lot of moisture flowing in over head but we need a trigger to get that rain squeezed out. temperatures right now are very mild with mostly cloudy skies into the 50s at this hour. i think as we head throughout the day today we'll notice clouds continuing mild temperatures and then the rain really developing tonight and then spreading south overnight tonight. showers around the bay area for tomorrow but tapering off as we head toward the afternoon. a lot of moisture throughout in the pacific. you see it streaming across our skies. waiting for the cold front to drove down to the bay area before we get to that. rain making a return in the north bay this evening and throughout the night it's spreading south. still it looks like things will be unsettled today north of the golden gate bridge. chance of some sprinkles there but the cold front about 1:00
5:49 am
tonight sagging to the south and tomorrow morning some scattered light showers around the bay area early on. maybe one to two inches of rainfall in the wettest parts of the north bay and that's about it so no flooding a concern. then we dry out on thursday and friday. decent weather toward the afternoon. a lot of clouds but dry. 63 in san jose. 60 pacifica. 60 hayward. east bay numbers into the 60s by the afternoon under mostly cloudy skies. and then the golden gate bridge chance of light sprinkles there. temperatures mainly in the low 60s. about 62 in san francisco. 61 in santa rosa. and 61 in daly city. next couple of days, we are going to see some unsettled weather return, showers tomorrow morning. then dry weather returns thursday right into the weekend. >> all right. lawrence, thank you very much. we are starting to see a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza of metering lights are still off but slow conditions as you work your way towards the pay gates there. let's start over on pleasanton -- my fault. westbound 580 as you work your way toward the dublin
5:50 am
interchange we are seeing lots of volume actually a few cars headed there. seeing brake lights as well as through the altamont pass. now let's jump to the bay bridge toll plaza. there you go. now we are seeing a backup there. fastrak lanes okay through the area. san mateo bridge not bad at all. traffic looking good in both directions as you work your way between hayward and foster city. 880 and 101 also checking in problem-free. and a look at our golden gate bridge this morning. so far it's been an easy ride. if you are traveling south 101 from 580 to the golden gate bridge toll plaza that will take 13 to 14 minutes. and we have some muni problems earlier this morning but everything is back on time no delays for bart, ace, muni, caltrain and ferries. that's traffic, back to you guys. >> thank you. a good will shopper in the midwest made an amazing find. for a few bucks she bought a piece of valuable artwork. karen bought the painting for $12 .34. this is the painting.
5:51 am
and she noticed a signature in the corner. the work turns out to be a lithograph. the work is valued at $9,000 and the buyer is keeping it for now. she should hold on to it. >> would you put that on your wall? >> sure. >> okay. i think i'd cash it in. 5:51. a double dose of good news. how the duchess of cambridge's morning sickness is a sign that twins may be come. >> the royal name watch. the ideas already being tossed out for the future heir to the throne. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
morning sickness. the duchess of cambridge
5:54 am
will stay in the hospital for a couple of days. she is suffering an acute type of morning sickness. and we have live pictures of the hospital right now. you can see the guards outside. this by the way is a private hospital in london. so the illness for former kate middleton is not serious. she just needs to be hydrated. prince william visited his wife in the hospital last night. and the royal palace had hoped to announce the pregnancy around christmas. but they were forced to announce kate's pregnancy a little early because of the hospital visit. lori goldsmith a california mother was hospitalized three times with similar morning sickness problems. >> every morning i would vomit, every afternoon, every night. it was about six months. i would do it all over again 20 times. that baby is an angel and i'm so in love with him. >> we are sure that kate middleton will feel the same. it's not clear when duchess kate is due but she is apparently less than 12 weeks into her pregnancy.
5:55 am
and her morning sickness problems are a possible, possible indication that she could have twins. so we'll have to see i guess. >> wouldn't that be fun. >> you know people are already thinking about those baby names already. >> of course they are. we have a few for the newest addition for the royal family. for a girl: so we're asking, what wouldu name the royal baby and why? lisa writes: diana elizabeth e. >> we agree. we both like leopold. so we are asking what would you name the royal baby? and why? suggestions or email them to mornings at cbs 5 dot com. >> comment on facebook or twitter, or email us at >> think the queen would love diana elizabeth. >> nice mom there. it is 5:56. next half hour a port
5:56 am
standstill gets the attention of the white house. >> the huge costs of the southern california strike and how it could impact holiday deliveries. >> and crews battle a massive house fire in sonoma county. we will have the very latest coming up. >> and good news. morning commuters all muni lines are back up and running after a massive power outage shuts all lines down. but that wasn't the only problem muni was dealing with yesterday. details when we return. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] may your holidays be merry and bright.
5:59 am
good news for morning commuters. all muni lines are back on track. we'll have more on the outage that caused the mess. >> a long road ahead. how long it could take to fix this massive sinkhole as another storm approaches. >> cloud and rain, we'll tell you how much coming up. >> o


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